Prime Time Profits – Amazon Work From Home Program or Scam?

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Prime Time Profits Review

Prime Time Profits claims that you can generate $500 a day with it using a “weird trick.”

To be honest, this sounds a bit cliche doesn’t it?

If you notice, you’ll see that this program is being pushed by a fake news website that has other Amazon-related offers as well (all of them being scams). Seems like the website owners keep changing the names of the scams but keep the details the same.

This is a fake news site that is funneling people into a scam by using Amazon’s name for legitimacy, and fooling people into believing they can make money from home with this “weird trick.”

The PTP site claims you can earn as much as $14,000 per month from home, and all you have to do is apply on the Prime Time Profit application page (which is a sales page with a video telling people about some black box).  So if you watch the whole video, they’re going to sell you on a black box that you have to pay $47 for. Once you get this magic black box, you press a button on it and you’ll be able to make $500 a day with it.

I’m not kidding, that’s literally what they’re offering.

What Is Prime Time Profits?

My honest take here is that Prime Time Profits is nothing but a scam that tricks people into thinking that Amazon has a new work from home offer that you can take advantage of.  All they’re doing is using Amazon’s name to sell a junk box for $47, making people think they’ll be making $500 a day with it.

There is no real work from home offer from Amazon, there’s no button that will make you $500 for pressing it.. don’t fall for it!

The entire system is designed to make money off of people who would believe it’s real because they trust the Amazon brand.

How Prime Time Profits Really Works

The way this system really works is by selling you the $47 box. You buy the box, they make the money. You’re not going to make anything upon receiving the box (assuming you do receive the box).

You get informed about this program through emails that will guide you a fake news report about Amazon offering a work from home opportunity that will make you $500 a day.  People are interested because it sounds impossible, but hey, Amazon is involved, so maybe it’s for real and they’re missing out.. so they click on it. And then they watch the sales video. And some of these people actually go ahead and buy the $47 box. If you don’t buy the box, you still have given them your info so they can keep emailing you with spam offers such as this one until you do succumb to your curiosity and buy.

The video and sales pages keep reminding you that spots are limited, but they’re really not. They just want you to not think or research, and just BUY NOW so they keep making you feel like if you don’t act now, the offer will be gone.  Once you end up buying it, you’re going to see upsells that will tell you that you can’t make $500 until you also buy something else. If you say yes, they’re going to offer you something else that’s more expensive, that they will claim you need if you want to make $1000 a day instead of $500.. and so on and so forth..

So just be smart and stay away from the entire thing.

There are fake testimonials all over this page – don’t be fooled into thinking they’re for real!

What is real is the program I went through to learn how to make a sustainable income online.

This is a complete system that has actually helped me quit my job, take care of my family, and live the “good life” …

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