Home Income Millionaire Review – Legit Work From Home Opportunity or Scam?

If you’re looking for a review on Home Income Millionaire, you’re in the right place.

I got an email promoting this opportunity, claiming that you can make $1000s just by watching the video.

But is this for real or is it a scam?

Before I start…

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What is Home Income Millionaire About?

Home Income Millionaire is a website selling a $97 program with the use of fake testimonials and pictures. If you buy the program, they will upsell you and keep asking you to upgrade your purchase to get the REAL secret behind the program to make millions from home.

The video doesn’t give any details – it just talks about how easy it is to make millions online. Really? Why isn’t everyone a millionaire then? The video makes it seem like you don’t have to do much, just sit around and collect the money that comes out of your laptop if you buy the program.

Whenever I see a video like this, I know it must be a scam. It’s just too hypey and unrealistic to not be a scam! How is it possible to make 1000s of dollars without doing any work? Unfortunately that’s not the case anywhere in the world. Whenever you want to make some money, you have to be willing to put in some work.

Under the video there are testimonials that are fake, created by actors on a site called Fiverr .. this is commonly used by such scam sites to make people believe in the testimonials, but a little bit of research will go a long way for you to save your time and money.

How Does This Program Work?

Anyone who has some experience trying to look for ways to make money online should see red flags all over this site.  People behind these types of scams are usually targeting people who are desperate to make quick money and get easily influenced. They buy into the sales pitch, hoping that this program will be the magic pill to solve their money problems.

People who buy the $97 program will see upsells that will encourage them to buy more expensive add-ons to the program that will be essential for them to see quick success, or for them to be able to scale from $500 a day to $1000s a day to making millions.  Apparently all you have to do is sit and have someone else do the work for you, while you collect the money.

Unfortunately, this is just not the way the world works.

So Yes… Home Income Millionaire IS a Scam

This program is a scam, 100%. There is no magic way to make money online, that’s just reality. The video is made by someone who doesn’t reveal his name, and the website doesn’t show who it belongs to on WhoIs either. Which means that he is not willing to even be public about owning this site.

Furthermore, there are fake testimonials on the site. That alone is a huge red flag – if people are really making money with it, why would he have to hire people to give him fake testimonials?

The thing is, it is possible to make a very handsome income online.

But you have to be on the right path to making that money.

The way you do it is by putting in the work, and being consistent. And by learning from people who have already done it, and are willing to teach you how to do it too.

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