’s Sam Ovens – Legit? [Honest Review]

Sam Ovens has been talked about for changing the consulting industry forever. He owns the domain and makes millions of dollars each month.

I’ve been seeing his name everywhere lately and I wanted to check out his course to see what he has to offer.

If you’re interested in finding out more, keep reading.

But before I begin…

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Sam Ovens Review

Sam Ovens is a young guy from Australia who has a huge, amazing office in NY. He started his consulting firm in his parents’ garage, and is now making millions consulting, and teaching others how to offer consulting the right way. He came out of nowhere and allegedly disrupted the consulting industry.

Sam Ovens is definitely legit.

He is a digital marketing consultant and helps companies make money through digital marketing.

Is Sam Ovens a Scam?

No! Sam Ovens is definitely not a scammer. We see his ads because he can afford to put money into ads and be everywhere. But unfortunately the more people that see you, the more the chances of people being skeptical of whether or not it’s for real. Most people spend their time poking holes at things they see rather than investigating properly and taking advantage if someone is teaching them something they don’t know.

Sam Ovens has been featured in Entrepreneur teaching people how to do business effectively.

Sam Ovens Net Worth

Wondering about Sam Ovens’ net worth? Forbes estimates it to be around $65 million. However, it’s probably growing each day the way he’s growing his brand and his business. He bought! Imagine how much that must have cost him! Just goes to show that he’s got to be earning enough to be able to afford that.. so it’s probably best to learn from him if you’re interested in making money as an independent consultant.

Is Sam Ovens Consulting Course Worth It?

I haven’t gone through the training because I don’t make money with consulting (I use another way you can find in my #1 recommendation)

But I read reviews on the program and there were basically of two kind: one group of people said response time is slow and refunds take time, and the second group said that they doubled, tripled their income after taking Sam’s course.

This makes me think that there are always two types of people – one type complains about issues and wants refunds, the other actually puts in the work and gets results. Seems like the people who put in effort definitely got results.

In Conclusion

Sam Ovens is definitely a name to watch for. He’s made a wave in a short amount of time at a young age, and he’s sure to continue being as successful as he has proven himself to be. He’s sharing his knowledge and practices with others, and making a difference in other people’s lives with what he’s teaching.

If you’re interested in going the consulting route, you should definitely listen to Sam Ovens. Try to get his courses and do as he says.

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